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A New Beginning – Talk To Me!

March 13th, 2010 § 5 comments

After much frustration I decided that Joomla!, while powerful and well supported, just didn’t work for Helluva.
My thoughts on how the site might grow were kind of scuppered by the meteoric rise of social networking sites like Twitter et al, leaving Helluvaforum with tumbleweed blowing through it and the rest of the site seeing spikes of traffic whenever a post goes up, and a steady stream of people viewing the tutorials and recipes.
So I decided that it was time to reverse direction and, instead of thinking about a Helluva Community site, revert to the simplicity of a personal website, where I can post articles, stuff that I find interesting around the internets, review hardware and software for whoever would like to read them, and share my knowledge of things like Photoshop etc.
Helluvablog is more sociable than before though – we have comments and everything! So please, feel free to comment on whatever you find here, ask questions, moan, whine and correct spellings but, most importantly, say hello, enjoy your stay and come back often.
Oh, and if you’re wondering how to comment, you can do so by clicking on the title of any post, or by clicking on the teeny-tiny number underneath the post title.

§ 5 Responses to A New Beginning – Talk To Me!"

  • Maffu says:

    A test comment!

  • Yan says:

    Wave 🙂

  • Maffu says:

    Hi Yan. How’s life in Azeroth? 🙂

  • Perks says:

    No more forum? I feel all endofanera-ish. I wonder what Dirk is doing? Do you think Mrs. Dirk is making a banner?

  • Maffu says:

    Hello. It’s been ages.
    The forum is still there (helluva.co.uk/forumOLD/) but it will disappear shortly so don’t put anything important in there, like your keys.
    I am going to try to get something else going (like these comments) so that people can still come here to chat.
    It’s nice to hear from you. I hope you and Trev and the kids are well.

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