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Best Photo-Cataloguing Software?

March 10th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

I need your help.
I’ve been into photography – both as a viewer and a photographer – for a long long time. I’ve also been designing for web and print for some time. I also save any images that catch my eye on the internet, be they advertising, funnies, art, stock or erm… entertainment. This means that over the years I have accumulated many, many thousands of images spread across hundreds of folders on three or four different hard drives.
I have decided that instead of choosing folders in which to save images – followed at a later date by a frustrating search for the image when I want it – the answer is to simply dump the whole lot into a single folder. All of them, no sub-folders, or separate drives, nothing. then I’ll use tagging and/or cataloguing software to sort it all into a searchable, comprehensible image library.
The question is, what software to use? I know of Picassa but have not used it since its beta stage when it was ok but a bit… clunky
So, what software can I use to achieve the above scenario? Or are you thinking, “God, no! Don’t do it!!”
Oh, one more thing – free is the new black.
Oh, one more more thing – it must work with all image formats, or at least with PSD, TIFF, PNG, EPS, GIF and JPG.